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You've seen it - see it again! Jan. 31st, 2008 @ 06:14 pm
Watch Out! I'm:: coldcold
I'm Jamming To:: Howard Shore - Shieldmaiden Of Rohan

Inside Jokes Dec. 11th, 2006 @ 12:10 pm
- Faramir pointing down to gollum in the forbidden pool going "aaaaadownthere *pointpoint*"
- ring ring doom ring doom doom doomy ring ring doom
- *Snape finding the crumpled with king helm* I will reforge this!
- playing rotk video game, and Katcha first killing off the ringbearer, then the king of men, while running across a crumbling bridge

Ram's Horn
- giganto!
- henry the fell beast

- dooboos = elk
- little dooboos = deer
- boofoos = buffalo
- mooboos = moose
- magoo = the word you use to describe something that is smarmy/depressed/hackneyed/etc beyond belief. so much so that it zaps your verbal skills

Le Miz
- it's the land of a thousand lakes! it looks like hell!

- meh meh meh meh mrr
Watch Out! I'm:: sillysilly

Nov. 28th, 2006 @ 04:31 pm
[16:18] Snape: i got pasta sauce in ym eye. and nwo my eyes itches
[16:18] GryphonBlk: .... Not gonna ask. But ouch
[16:19] Snape: well i slurped up the pasta a bit too excitedly and it flung into my eye
[16:19] GryphonBlk: That's what you get for being enthusiastic about noodles.
[16:19] Snape: But i lvoe the noodles! and how else am i to express my deep love them if i cannot slurp??
[16:20] Snape: how I ask! HOW?!?!
[16:21] GryphonBlk: Worship the pasta. Make a shrine to the pasta. Travel to Europe and eat fine fine pasta.
[16:21] Snape: or china and eat the ORIGINAL pasta
[16:21] Snape: but if i eat it, i still feel a need to slurp
[16:22] GryphonBlk: Maybe you have offended the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
[16:22] Snape: but how? i don't believ ein intelligent design
[16:22] GryphonBlk: Oh, but it believes in you.
[16:22] Snape: NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!
[16:23] Snape: i believe pasta was designed intelligently
[16:23] Snape: and delicious
[16:23] Snape: DELICIOUS DESIGN!
[16:23] GryphonBlk: NEW RELIGION!
[16:23] Snape: YAY!
[16:23] Snape: and viggo mortensen shall be our poster boy
[16:23] Snape: for delicious design
[16:24] GryphonBlk: Mmm.... delicious design. It's agreed. We have founded a religion.
[16:25] Snape: YAY!
[16:25] Snape: facebook it :-D
[16:25] GryphonBlk: But I'm a devoted pastafarian. :(
[16:25] Snape: oh well okay
[16:25] GryphonBlk: Should I be a pastafarian in the delicious design sect?
[16:26] Snape: well pasta is delicious too and therefor pastafarians are our friends
[16:26] GryphonBlk: It's true
[16:26] Snape: well delicious design is the course that is to be taught in schools in which the virtures of pastafarianism will be professed
[16:27] GryphonBlk: Religion 258 - Delicious Design
[16:27] Snape: YAY!
[16:27] Snape: i'd take that class
[16:27] GryphonBlk: Me too. And everyone would bring pasta to eat
[16:28] Snape: and then we'd watch viggo mortensen and other delicious people filled movies
[16:28] Snape: and then discuss the deliciousness of it all
[16:28] GryphonBlk: And make a study of it. You can major in Religion with an emphasis in Pastafarianism
[16:29] Snape: i like it
[16:29] GryphonBlk: This shall be recorded.

mmmmmm... Oct. 27th, 2006 @ 09:46 pm
wood fire in cold air
decomposing leaves
cut grass

The Adventures of Phil and His Splendid Purple Tunic Mar. 22nd, 2006 @ 10:37 pm
once upon a time there was a cat named phil. Phil was an alley cat, but despite his meager lot in life, he did posses on thing, one thing that every other cat in the kingdom envied him for. A brillaint purple tunic, made of the finest and softest silk anyone had seen! Cats from countries over knew of his tunic, and some came from miles aroudn just to see it... but there were that sew, smarmy lot,

Many saw Phil's status as a meager alley cat as an opening for treachery. Phil had already been the victim of attempted robbery twice, and now took more precautions. He was hiding for most of his day, going out only at night to scrounge up something to eat. He hoped one day his purple tunic would be of help to him, instead of causing trouble in his life.

One night, while out digging in his favorite trash can he heard a voice call from high above him. "Oh! You there! You startled me! Why I hardly saw you lurking in the shadows!" The voice was high pitched, but not offensive. "Her let me come down so I can see you!" A light rustle of feathers sounded through the air, and a blakc raven came to perch itself on the fence across from the suspitious Phil.. "Why! It's you, this great Phil, and his immaculate purple tunic! I must say, in the dark, it is nearly impossible to see you".....

Phil gave the raven a wary look. "You aren't going to steal it then?" The raven gave a dry chuckle. "Well, it is a wondrous thing, or so I've heard, but I hardly have need for a tunic. Why, it would get in the way of my feathers!" the raven said, flashing his wings as evidence to their beauty. Phil gave a small smile at the raven's grand actions. "There! Wasn't so hard, was it? I've never seen someone so glum as you," the raven said, cocking its head to peer at Phil. "Well, I haven't much to be glad about, now do I? I'm constantly being followed by people wanting to see the tunic. It's really not all that helpful. But it's all I have," Phil said dejectedly. "Never you mind that, Phil. I have an idea of how we can fix this matter. You see, that tunic may not fit a cat or a raven, but it would fit a human" said the raven...

"But why would I give my tunic to a filthy, ungrateful human? They can have any shirt they want, in any colro they want! Adn they take everything for granted?" Phil retorted fiercely. The raven laughed, a squaking, awkward, and rather painful chortle. But he soon gathered himself. "My word Phil! You ahev one great sense of humor! no no, my dear lad, I am not implything that you give you beloved tunic away! But I can disguise you. For you see, I have powers! I can MAKE you human!"the raven touted proudly....

Phil gave the raven a wary look. It showed how desparate Phil was for friendly contact that he was even speaking to something usually considered fair game for dinner. The raven fluffed up a bit, noticing Phil's eyes turning a bit feral. "Now now, don't take me the wrong way. I'm not laughing at you. And wouldn't it be better for you to be human? I mean, the cats following you now would not know where to start. And you'd be able to wear the purple tunic without hinderance. I have never even heard of a shirt as fine as yours, Phil, even in the human world," the raven said hurriedly, hopping up onto one of the fence posts, just a bit further off from Phil. Phil glanced at his dirty fur coat and his poor aching paws and thought how he could open the door into the fish shop if only he had hands. All those delicious salmon waiting for him... He looked up at the raven once more. "Before I agree, what do you get out of this, bird?" Phil said...

"Your soul!" The raven squaked. Phil gasped, but his fear subsided when he noted the Raven's racous laughter. "Why Phil! I am a raven, peopel curse and fear me! They think an bring nothign but bad news and woe, but in all honesty I just want a friend. I want to prove to the world not all raven's are harbingers of malcontent." the raven smugly replied. Phil pondered the raven's words for a great while, nto sure if he truly believed what this bird said. But the prospect of the fish appealed to him greatly and so did the idea of being able to wear his shirt in peace... "DEAL!"

The raven gave a very suspiciously evil chuckle and flew up to the roof of a nearby house, rooting around in what appeared to be his nest. He flew back down with a necklace in his beak, landing before Phil and sliding the necklace over Phil's scrawny neck. Instantly he felt like he was being stretched in a thousand ways all at once. The raven backed up quickly, flying back up onto the fence as Phil lost his fur and grew. Soon he was human, and sitting quite naked in a trash-stewn alleyway. The raven hopped back and forth, unable to contain his glee. "It worked it worked!" the raven crowed, apparently in surprise. "What, you've never done this before??" Phil said, rummaging through a pile of cardboards for his hidden purple tunic. He had to wear it right away! "Well, not exactly. Listen, Phil, before you go anywhere, there is one thing you must always remember....

Phil came upon his purple tunic, now far to small to fit on his human body. And as he glared up at the bird, the raven chittered maliciously. "Humans are modest creatures." Phil growled fiercely, still wishing he had claws, now only possesing shot bitten nails. It would have done little good anywya, as the bird flew off laughing into the cold night's air. It was indeed cold, and Phil sat there holding his tiny purple tunic, covering himself with a now torn up box. He had to find clothes!

Phil realized too late the raven had been trying to say something of importance to him and now the black bird was gone from sight. Curse the little bastard! Shivering, Phil decided he could not stay beneath his pile of cardboard boxes as they were no warmer than the alley floor. He managed to situate himself inside an open box and took his first steps as a human, and subsequently, his first stumble and fall. He winced at his scraped knees and stood again, leaning against a wall and moving slowly until he felt like he knew how to walk on only two legs. He made it to the end of the alley then, but he suddenly realized he had no idea where to go. The fish shop he had watched for years longingly accepted only well-dressed humans. He had seen many beggars dressed in much finer clothes than a cardboard box be turned away from all the shops along the street. Luckily for him, there was also someone else up and about at the godforsaken hour of four in the morning: the police....

"Help." Phil awkwardly pleaded. But as the lonely street cop turned he found no help from the man. "Oi!" He cried, and took off after him. Phil freaked! Adn took off, stumbling once or twice, being that running on his feet was ntohign like running as a cat. A tall fence loomed before him, and he tried to leap it, but flew head long into the barrier, and crashed to the ground. He didn;t possess his cat agility either. Being human was terrible! the cop caught him. "Why don;t you have clothes on sir?" He inquired phil groaned, his head throbbing.. "Would you believe me if I said I was a cat?"

The police man looked at Phil oddly, lying there on the ground in pain. "Sir, have you been drinking tonight?" Phil shook his head and then regretted it. "I couldn't find any puddle clean enough to drink out of," Phil said. The police officer crouched down to get a closer look at what most obviously was a lunatic. "Why don't you got no clothes on? You run away from somewhere?" the police officer said, scratching his head. "I do have clothes! A tunic! And, well, I suppose this necklace counts," Phil said, poffering both objects for the police officer to view. The police officer looked at Phil's purple tunic in complete awe, then turned white as a sheet when he saw the necklace Phil wore. "Bloody hell! Your Majesty, I didn't know it was you! Excuse my language! Here, we must get you inside and warm at once!" the police officer said in a hurry, dragging Phil up and heading for the closest shop - a seamstress's abode. "What? Majesty? But I'm just a cat!" Phil objected....

Although as confused as phil was, he realized he was about to get clothes, so he clammed up and let the officer lead him off. into the shop they went, and the poor seamstress was frightened by the king's nude appearnce. "Why Highness! What on earth happened?" the cop shook hi shead at the woman. "Not now, he;s a had a rough night." however, when the too turned back to look at Phil they found his staring at his dirty bearded face in the mirror, cleaning himself by licking his hadn and running it over his cheeks. the officer sighed. "seems to think he's a cat. Must have bumped his head."...

The seamstress, only just having woken up when something rather large and loud ran into her fence, was flabergasted at the sight of the crown Prince shuffling through all her ready-made clothing and picking out the brightest and shiniest things - including dresses and skirts! The police officer shook his head. "I really have to go inform the royal gaurd. Watch after him, I don't think he's right in the head. And don't let him out!" the police officer instructed the seamstress, bolting out the door for the nearest police station. Phil looked up from a bright yellow nightgown he was examining just in time to see the door close behind the police officer. "Oh! Wait! Oh dear, I thought he might be able to help me get some clothes. It's still awful cold," Phil said. He then noticed the seamstress. "Oh! Hello! My name is Phil," he said nervously, for lack of anything else to say. What does one exactly say after being turned into a human? Well - "Um, I'm sorry I'm not dressed like humans are supposed to be. You see, I was a cat, but then I got turned into a human, but the purple tunic I own doesn't really fit me, so I'm actually quite upset that that raven did all this to me," Phil said. The seamstress's eyebrows shot up extremely high as she watched the kingdom's prince babble on about being a cat. "I... I think I have another purple tunic, if you want one. Or anything in the store! It's an honor to have you here your majesty," the seamstress said. "Really? Anything??" Phil said happily. He started to wade through the clothing, tossing out various things to try on. Within moments he was covered in head to toe in some form of clothing. Three pairs of shirts, a vest, a coat, two pairs of pants, a different shoe on each foot, and a belt about his head. "This is almost as warm as my fur coat!" he exclaimed....

Buyt as he donned his assorted array of stuningn articles he came to find one of the more disgusting aspect of human nature. Sweating. A slight moisture buildign at his armpits, and as he went to smell it he foudn it odorous as well. "You human are disgusting!" he gaged in horror at the smell of himself and instantly began to peel of clothes, until he felt the sweat subside. The seamstress still looked frightened, but by then the officer had returned witht he royal guard, who all surrounded Phil...

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[23:53] Snape: IHATEYOU!
[23:53] GryphonBlk: :P
[23:54] GryphonBlk: Booch
[23:54] Snape: celestial beign of cole
[23:54] GryphonBlk: OHOHOH!
[23:54] GryphonBlk: IKEELYOU!
[23:54] GryphonBlk: XD!!!!!!!!!!!! NUHUH!ITOTALLYKEELEDYOUFIRST!
[23:55] GryphonBlk: THAT'SCAUSEYOUSDED!
[23:56] GryphonBlk: YOUHEARDME!
[23:56] Snape: ASCOOSH!
[23:56] GryphonBlk: XD!!!!
[23:56] GryphonBlk: AWHAT?
[23:56] Snape: YEAHASCOOSH
[23:56] GryphonBlk: THATSNOTAWORD
[23:57] GryphonBlk: YOURMOMISNTAWORD!
[23:57] Snape: YEAHUH!
[23:57] GryphonBlk: NUHUH!
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My friend, go to google now. Type in "tolkien trends". That's right. We were famous and we didn't even know it. Damn.

P.S. << >> Click cached if her bandwidth is still out of wack.
» Hehehe
*just had mental image of self waking up in middle of night when phone is ringing and being like "Accio phone" and then have it promptly smack into face*

» (No Subject)
Henceforth, Katcha can be addressed as KotB and Snape as SotC. That is all.
» Hear ye hear ye!
Furthermore, the computer formerly called Dirty Ho under Snape's possession will from now on be referred to as Tart.

Also, her new laptop which was formerly unnamed will henceforth be named Munchie.

Katcha's big-ass computer always has and always will be named Bert.

That is all.
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