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[16:18] Snape: i got pasta sauce in ym eye. and nwo my eyes itches… - The Poetic Justice League

About [16:18] Snape: i got pasta sauce in ym eye. and nwo my eyes itches…

Previous Entry Nov. 28th, 2006 @ 04:31 pm Next Entry
[16:18] Snape: i got pasta sauce in ym eye. and nwo my eyes itches
[16:18] GryphonBlk: .... Not gonna ask. But ouch
[16:19] Snape: well i slurped up the pasta a bit too excitedly and it flung into my eye
[16:19] GryphonBlk: That's what you get for being enthusiastic about noodles.
[16:19] Snape: But i lvoe the noodles! and how else am i to express my deep love them if i cannot slurp??
[16:20] Snape: how I ask! HOW?!?!
[16:21] GryphonBlk: Worship the pasta. Make a shrine to the pasta. Travel to Europe and eat fine fine pasta.
[16:21] Snape: or china and eat the ORIGINAL pasta
[16:21] Snape: but if i eat it, i still feel a need to slurp
[16:22] GryphonBlk: Maybe you have offended the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
[16:22] Snape: but how? i don't believ ein intelligent design
[16:22] GryphonBlk: Oh, but it believes in you.
[16:22] Snape: NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!
[16:23] Snape: i believe pasta was designed intelligently
[16:23] Snape: and delicious
[16:23] Snape: DELICIOUS DESIGN!
[16:23] GryphonBlk: NEW RELIGION!
[16:23] Snape: YAY!
[16:23] Snape: and viggo mortensen shall be our poster boy
[16:23] Snape: for delicious design
[16:24] GryphonBlk: Mmm.... delicious design. It's agreed. We have founded a religion.
[16:25] Snape: YAY!
[16:25] Snape: facebook it :-D
[16:25] GryphonBlk: But I'm a devoted pastafarian. :(
[16:25] Snape: oh well okay
[16:25] GryphonBlk: Should I be a pastafarian in the delicious design sect?
[16:26] Snape: well pasta is delicious too and therefor pastafarians are our friends
[16:26] GryphonBlk: It's true
[16:26] Snape: well delicious design is the course that is to be taught in schools in which the virtures of pastafarianism will be professed
[16:27] GryphonBlk: Religion 258 - Delicious Design
[16:27] Snape: YAY!
[16:27] Snape: i'd take that class
[16:27] GryphonBlk: Me too. And everyone would bring pasta to eat
[16:28] Snape: and then we'd watch viggo mortensen and other delicious people filled movies
[16:28] Snape: and then discuss the deliciousness of it all
[16:28] GryphonBlk: And make a study of it. You can major in Religion with an emphasis in Pastafarianism
[16:29] Snape: i like it
[16:29] GryphonBlk: This shall be recorded.
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