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Previous Entry Inside Jokes Dec. 11th, 2006 @ 12:10 pm Next Entry
- Faramir pointing down to gollum in the forbidden pool going "aaaaadownthere *pointpoint*"
- ring ring doom ring doom doom doomy ring ring doom
- *Snape finding the crumpled with king helm* I will reforge this!
- playing rotk video game, and Katcha first killing off the ringbearer, then the king of men, while running across a crumbling bridge

Ram's Horn
- giganto!
- henry the fell beast

- dooboos = elk
- little dooboos = deer
- boofoos = buffalo
- mooboos = moose
- magoo = the word you use to describe something that is smarmy/depressed/hackneyed/etc beyond belief. so much so that it zaps your verbal skills

Le Miz
- it's the land of a thousand lakes! it looks like hell!

- meh meh meh meh mrr
Watch Out! I'm:: sillysilly
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Date:December 13th, 2006 05:43 pm (UTC)
continuation of ram's horn (not in chronological order, but rather a blend of the two years):
-sledding run...it's not going fast enough...okay let's spray pam on it...<< >>
-goddesses of the montain
-andrew "falling" out of the tree
-"it smells like ass"
- JFK is creepy...he goes in the bathroom
- forking the pizza
- we did not just eat that whole thing of cookies
- nerts!
- helga and lewis
- yetis
- pretty colors from pine cones
- manda broke the potty (she was mad at that one)

okay I think that is sufficient, or at least all I can think of with my finals fried brain. :)
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