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The Poetic Justice League

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Sep. 7th, 2005 @ 10:16 pm
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*twitch* Jun. 11th, 2005 @ 05:07 pm

So, after browsing so much Harry Potter fanfic that involved Mary Sues that I almost choked on my own bile, I now present to you my version of Mary Sue... handled by the wonderful Katcha and Snape.


Princess Rosemoon Jade Serenity Jewel Potter Riddle Black's parents died when she was 14 and she was totaly scared and hurt. Her great-grandpa Dumbledoor adopted her and brought her to hogwarts where she is every1s favorit person. But then voldemort found out she esisted and she had to go into hiding until dumbledor said it was ok for her to come back when she was going to be a 6th year right after Sirius died (he was her uncle. She was secretly Harry Potter's half-sister through tom riddle and Ron's soulmate. She met Harry and Ron and Hermione on the train and they were instantly bonded cause herminoe was impressed by her knowledge and Ron though she was hawt and Harry felt his scar warm up. She could totaly see the tretals cause her parents died which was sad and Draco thought she was hawt cause she was tall and willowy and had black hair with blue highlights and dark mysterious baby blue eyes and was really tan and wore skin-tight tank tops and flare jeans and had a mysterious amulet that she inherited from James Potters great-grandparents who she was also related to that gave her loots of power and mind control and flying abilities and good grades and she was part-cat and had a unicorn animages form and a dragon patromus and redeems snap from his evil ways to be this angel person thing by dying but then she isn t really dead and neville brings her back to life with this new potion he brewed because he loves her too and she goes on to defeat voldie because she turns into this unicorn angel with super powers and bright sparkly hair and purple eyes than turn red when shes angry and dies dramatically in rons arms but then isnt really ded cause shes immortal and then vampirs atack england and she has to defend her and rons baby cause ron died in a tragic accidnt so shes married to harry now cause it turns out they werent related and then she kills herself to save the world from vampires and demons and everyone mourns her death forever and she becomes a goddess to look over all her descendants


Katcha and Snape happily froliced down Hogwart's halls, on their way to their next class. However, a crowd was gathering in front of the Potion's classroom (which had suddenly appeared on the third floor for some reason).

"Boody ell!" Snape exclaimed, "We shall never get to class on time now! ... And when was the dungeon up here?"

Katcha looked just as confused and scratched her head.

They soon realized the all-male crowd was focused on one particular person. Shoving their way to the front, Katcha and Snape beheld the most hideous sight evah.

A girl who was almost glowing sickening Mary-Sueness had all the boys lusting after her with some evil spell.

"Ack! How did one of those get here!?!" Katcha said.

"I thought our world was safe from such freaks," Snape snarled, pulling out her wand. The Mary Sue started to cry because obviously her life was so hard because she was ridiculed for her beauty. The boys surrounding Katcha and Snape looked murderously at the two and all prepared to attack.

"Fetch boys!" Katcha yelled, throwing the yet-to-be-released Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince down the corridor. The students, who wanted to know if they would be next to die, raced after the book, Mary Sue forgotten.

"Where the hell did you get an advanced copy of 'Arry Pottah?" Snape said aghast.

"Pfffft. It was just a Robert Jordan piece of shit with the 'Arry Pottah picture pasted on it," Katcha said.

The two turned their attentions to the Mary Sue who was looking forlornly around, no doubt pondering her sad existence and wondering when she could find Dumbledore and join the Order of the Phoenix. Katcha and Snape, reading the Mary Sue's intentions to take over the world through her transparent head, tackled the beast and promptly executed her.

The world suddenly felt cleaner for the fortunate loss of the disgusting Mary Sue. Both Katcha and Snape felt dirty for days after touching the monster and shuddered at the mention of her name. Not so surprisingly, no one noticed when Mary Sue disappeared and soon forgot her existence.

Katcha and Snape congratulated themselves on a job well done and then went to dump the body in the lake.

Watch Out! I'm:: curiouskittens and pink unicorns

Hear ye Hear ye! May. 5th, 2005 @ 12:04 am

Let it be known that from this day forth, Petey of the Pie is an honorary member of the Poetic Justice League posthumous. He who possesses the power of Mrr shall forever be honored among our members.


The Power of MrrCollapse )

Watch Out! I'm:: sadsomber

Be prepaaaaared! May. 1st, 2005 @ 11:17 pm

World domination is at hand. Reserve your spot while still avaliable! The following red countries are already reserved. Reservations taken up to the day before world domination.

Get it while its still cheap! Submit a formal proposal and receive your chosen country.

Kssssssssssssssssssss Apr. 19th, 2005 @ 02:56 pm

Hear hear! The entities formally know as Katcha and Snape have assumed new forms! Please note these changes or we will hurt you muchly.

Katchabird: It's rather absentminded. Short memory span. Likes shiny things. Has the ability to floof. Cocks its head to the side a lot. Dislikes most people and is very friendly to certain people.

Snapecoon: A cross between a wolverine and a racoon. It has big ears with little tufts at the end of em', kinda like a bob cat. it had really good night vision. it is black and has a brown stripe down it's back cause it hasn't dyed it's roots in a long time. It eats out fo the trash and then pees on itself when you scare it, and hisses a lot. But if you scratch it behind the ear it kicks and prrrs very loudly

Other entries
» (No Subject)

Guess what? When me and Snape were in the mountains over Winter Break, we took some pictures. We obviously weren't paying attention, because look who showed up on my digital camera!

Craaazy man.

» Partitioning the World
This being decreed by the wise and future leaders Katcha and Snape:

1. Ireland shall be the Wheelers' property in the summer, and the Senns' during the winter.

2. Costa Rica and Belize belong to the Senns.

3. The Bahamas belong to the Wheelers' during the winter.

4. France belongs to Camille.

5. The Rockies shall be shared jointly between the two Ruling Empresses Katcha and Snape.

6. The Appalachian area shall be further known as the "Shire" of America.

7. The world shall be ruled from New Zealand.

8. There shall be no digging up Alaska for oil.

9. Bikes shall be the main means of transport.

10. There shall be no industrialized farming.

11. Meat shall be a luxury, not a staple.

12. All Redheads named Daivd will be forwarded to Snape for further "inspection".

Additional Imperial Decrees added 2/2/05:

13. Chai will now take the place of alcohol and drugs

14. Ngila Dickson (LOTR) will now be the official and exclussive fashion designer for the Empresses

15. Howard Shore will compose the Global Anthem

16. We will adopt Mexico's two hour Siesta plan

17. Frolicing and Frolicking will be Olympic events

18. The one known as Crystal shall claim the British Isles, and Kenney Chesney is to live with her

19. Jennifer gets Spain and Southern Chile

20. Courtney wants Austrailia, Peutro Rico and what is left of the UK

21. Camile also wants Italy

22. But Snape gets Mt. Vesuveus and Mt. Etna

23. Jeanie of the Mueller clan is granted south east asia, antarctica, and the portions of South America where the llamas make their humble abode. This land shall be portioned between Jeanie and her counter point, yem.

Thus have the Empresses spoken. Anyone wishing to claim another region must submit a request with good reason attatched. That is all.
» Just one more day in the life of Katcha and Snape...
Me and Snape were walking down this street today, and I happened to spot a gecko (very common in Hawaii, I'll have you know) and I ran out into the street to catch it. Snape, seeing this as the very bad idea it was, chased after me. Luckily, the limo speeding toward me slammed on its brakes and narrowly avoided me and Snape. When we went to inspect the crash for survivors, a familiar face appeared as someone stumbled out of the car. It was none other than Dominic Monaghan (Merry from Lord of the Rings), here in Hawaii to film the hit TV show "Lost". Me and Snape did a double-take and then uttered very girly high-pitched squeals and pounced Dominic. We decided since we had caught him fair and square, he was ours. We dragged him back to the condo, much to his dismay. Snape is was trying to get him to spill the whereabouts of Elijah and David. He wasn't being very cooperative, so I promised to give him the gecko I caught (named Freddy) to him for a prize if he told. It worked. I happily report that we now know where our targets are. Plans and schemes are currently being concocted. We released Dominic and Freddy back into the wild, to run free. Keeping pets is cruel.
» (No Subject)
The madness. It has begun. It started as an innocent friendship between twins, but it didn't stop there. Now their nefarious minds have come up with the Poetic Justice League together. And the world shall never be the same.

Now accepting applicants! Must be willing to be quietly evil. No dramatics here. People of the names Elijah and David get a bonus for joining. Write your name, alignment and superhero name on a piece of paper and bury it in the ground. We'll get around to it eventually.
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